Welcome to the monthly music club, where 15th of every month me, Kraku and Skaven (Peter Hajba) present you a new piece of music each.
This is not a competetion between us but rather a motivating way to actually do something every month.
Please enjoy as you see fit.
henri kraku skaven
april 2008 orson hamster wind-up clown
may 2008 aprobot away
june 2008 space elevator still
july 2008 hurry home hot chocolate stench hexentrommel
august 2008 lumber meal diesel ufo fatigue and destruction
september 2008 copperbank trousers of melodies one cloudy morning
october 2008 void of wisdom chambre outlaw
november 2008 discount potence sweet lovin resident resilience
december 2008 johannes paholainen runpu paskoa [happycloaked]