Welcome to the monthly music club, where 15th of every month me, Kraku and Skaven (Peter Hajba) present you a new piece of music each.
This is not a competetion between us but rather a motivating way to actually do something every month.
Please enjoy as you see fit.
henri laurikka kraku skaven varia the machinist
january 2009 bahrobot penthanol april's day out
february 2009 rustoinen kulkunen millennia in waiting you lie, i ache
march 2009 fuck yous to yous twos got no time carnivore complex
april 2009 mitosis dunccu kallioilla asking too much
may 2009 we have seen everything tits to miss mustang ensi hetkestä
june 2009 petramino the right answer heliosweep night girl
july 2009 empiirinen tai sitten ei visitors from planet abba settlers and seafarers 79-beat-it
august 2009 transmission from see through man tribadism wallaby lullabies texhnocrate
september 2009 you should worry termite short preview clip brokeback mountain sidescroller
october 2009 under the dark star distant 7pm journey in 2d
november 2009 nowhere abstraction zham
december 2009 xenoptibot chronos cheese fix