- MMC - Monthly Music Club 2010-

Welcome to the pages of Monthly Music Club, where 15th of every month we present you a new piece of music each.
This is not a competetion between us but rather a motivating way to actually do something every month.
Please enjoy as you see fit.

laurikka kraku skaven the machinist mikko m exit plan
january 2010 kotanodisko letters from the frontline no, i'm the mega man
february 2010 quartheme shine surfs up
march 2010 i was busy judgement
april 2010 zalthama lonely fighter dreams of poets h.a.r.v.
may 2010 gopher hole tetris part 1 shingles in the sky
june 2010 shooting beavers b sides unconstrained
july 2010 from there to nowhere if we knew what we are camelsand orbison returns
august 2010 hovering menhir by request unmanned soldier gunship
september 2010 boxery kojima carbon diet lifeforms uno minuta pessego
october 2010 logan5 march of the underpant gnomes solitude and the city hull breach
november 2010 the trial tremors astonishing human empire
december 2010 northern weather bag of grieving tsubame gaeshi ritual residual one way ticket down