- MMC - Monthly Music Club 2015 -

Welcome to the pages of Monthly Music Club, where 15th of every month we present you a new piece of music each.
This is not a competetion between us but rather a motivating way to actually do something every month.
Please enjoy as you see fit.

laurikka kraku skaven the machinist ghost monkey
january 2015 fide nite gimme song forget the sky disco commander
february 2015 tremolare today contemptor evolution speedboat
march 2015 barrel cortex uhvot tulloo meticulosity
april 2015 mineshaft escalator arrival interview with a housefly
may 2015 haptic cembalo module lunaire lost in opportunity
june 2015 humanize koukkupoppia soulscanned
july 2015 piece for undamped piano korg volga bass new horizons
august 2015 we are glad you could make it karvakolmion tahdisto how we have become
september 2015 tick turning point
october 2015 light computer jupiter resolute
november 2015 murky water sontaa war in the middle earth
december 2015 breakbone boogie funky prague strangers in passing